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About Us

Safebriight is a smart device technology, easily installed in existing street lights, that utilizes a mesh network to monitor and report outages, providing improved public safety and extensive cost savings for the utility owner.

When an existing street light loses power, it typically takes months to be noticed and years to be repaired. Street light outages have a big impact on public safety, especially on college campuses where many crimes occur after dark. It is not unusual for a college campus to have as many as 25% of its street lights out on any given night. This decades-old technology is ripe for disruption by new smart technologies. Enter the Safebriight system. Safebright uses a smart device equipped with sensors and wireless mesh technology, that is retrofitted to an existing street light to monitor its functionality. With Safebriight, the time, location, and type of outage is instantly identified and communicated through a mesh network to the utility maintenance company. The detailed information provided by Safebriight saves the maintenance crew from having to manually assess the problem on site, allowing the light to be quickly repaired restoring public safety. Installing the Safebriight system in existing street lights helps combat crime and lower maintenance costs in any environment.

Our Team


Tucker Russ - CEO

Hello, my name is Tucker Russ and I am the founder of Safebriight. My idea was started after my first summer internship where I worked on Smart AMI Meters for Exelon in Chicago, IL. I became very interested in Smart technology and wanted to find a way to apply it to something new.

The following semester, I pitched my own Capstone project to the Dean of the College of Engineering at Florida State University. After being approved as a capstone project, I came up with a Smart Street Light design and formed a four-person team to carry out the project.

Since completing the Capstone project, a lot has changed. But the main idea behind Safebriight has remained the same - to combat crime and lower maintenance cost in any environment. Please stay tuned for updates and product releases.

- Tucker Russ

Product Developments


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